Indie & Old-School

An Indie Apparel Studio. Minimalist and Old-School style.

Eco-conscious and committed to sustainability. 

I’m striving to work and live in harmony and coherently between my personal and business life.

For that, I’ve decided to follow some basic principles in my life and couldn’t be different for my business!

I decided that my T-shirts would have to be:

  • 100% cotton
  • Eco-friendly
  • Black or White only
  • Sustainable
  • Top quality

I explain…

Some of the items above have direct impact not only on the planet but also on other peoples lives. 

After watching some documentaries about the apparel industry and how clothes are made by the big players, specially when sub-contracting factories in poor countries, it’s unacceptable the way things are done! 

So I decided not to go that way.

First of all, 100% cotton means, means no “synthetics”, plastics, chemicals or other synthetic material used or wasted to produce the T-shirts, therefore also being eco-friendly. And I’m working towards organics only, hopefully in the near future!

Sustainable… so much to talk about it… but I’m confident I walk the walk…

Some will say that I will not “save the planet” by just avoiding to sell a color T-shirt or that I should offer more options, I agree… but I decided that I will not be helping to dump more chemicals on the waters. And I’m very happy with that!

And last but not least, could not be less than a top quality.

I’m aware that my business system is not 100% green or perfect but like I said, I’m striving for it… 

Most people don’t even know “what” they are buying or the “cost” behind it.

I hope my principles helps to instigate the consumers to act as activists, demand better practices and be aware before they buy a product!

If you would like to know more about the practices and how good or bad things are being done, get in touch and I can share some of what I found out.

A T-shirt is a way to express yourself. Express your culture.

It is how it makes you feel. Gives you Freedom!

But not all T-shirts are the same.

Choose right. Act right.